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We offer rapid molecular testing that helps you detect abnormal oral microflora activity on your patients. This way you can provide targeted care during the treatment process and make your patients even more aware of their situation.

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For dentists

Improve your treatment plans by identifying the specific situation of your patients and recommending appropriate follow-up based on facts.

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For periodontists

Collaborate with a partner who truly understands periodontology. Get answers in under 2 days once we receive the sample.

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For implantologists

Help your patients gain insights into the oral microflora before and after the implants have been applied to the patient.

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For dental hygienists

Give your patients insights and appropriate advice by using accurate DNA analysis methods with results that anyone can interpret.

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"Yes, there are costs involved with testing. But I use them as a standard for each new patient to get the right diagnosis for their specific situation. Ultimately, this saves the patient money on unnecessary visits..."

Dr. Florian Dettmer, Praxis vident
Munich, Germany

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Fast turnaround time

After the test has arrived at our lab, your result is ready within 48 hours.

Molecular + dental expertise

As a spin-off of the UMC Radboud in Nijmegen, ADD is managed by experts who care deeply about tour microbiologic questions.

Accurate tests

PCR diagnostics are an affordable and accurate method for the detection of microorganisms within the oral microflora.

End-to-end service

You send the test, we provide the answers. We offer free consultation if something is unclear or if something out of the ordinary happens.

A portfolio of tests

We offer a wide range of different tests for dental care, from periodontitis to candida and the detection of cariogenic bacteria.

Sampling is easy

We strive to make each of our test sets and sampling methods as easy, reliable and simple as possible.


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Maintenance of equipment and practice

I have seen firsthand the consequences of dental-bacteria-related complications on implants. It is unnecessarily painful, expensive for patients and a threat to the implants. ADD's testing helps me to avoid or at least reduce the likelihood of implant loss and increase the satisfaction of my patients and myself.

Mike Kesseler, implantologist,
Kesseler-Lock dentistry and implantology Amsterdam


Dental diagnostics & molecular microbiological knowledge

Do you want to dive deeper into the periopathogens and the microbiome, maybe learn something about Next Generation Sequencing? In that case, the academy is for you.

Our new ADD Academy contains articles on various topics related to oral microbiological diagnostics.

The best part? It's free, forever.

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