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Periodontitis risk test

Discover genetically increased risk for periodontitis

The development of periodontitis can be hereditary. A Perio risk test gives you insight into the genetic risk of developing periodontitis.

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Identify the inherited risk of periodontitis

Periodontitis and other inflammatory diseases can be traced back to different interleukin genes.
How does periodontitis risk work?
Interleukin 1 A -889
Allele 1
Allele 2
Interleukin 1 B +3953
Allele 1
Allele 2
Interleukin 1 RN +2018
Allele 1
Allele 2

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Simple taking of the test:

Prepare your kit

Open the kit, it contains a special cotton swab and a tube.

Wipe off cheek mucosa using the cotton swab

Take the cotton swab and twist it over the inside of the patient's cheek a few times to remove the cheek mucosa.

Place the cotton swab in the tube

Place the cotton swab in the tube and leave to dry for 1 minute before twisting the cap. Place the sample back in the set and use the enclosed free return envelope to send it to our laboratory.


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Our products

Perio 20

Our Perio 20 gives a complete insight into a patient's biofilm. Allperiopathogens, opportunists and beneficial bacteria are mapped out.
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Perio 5

With the Perio 5 test the most important periopathogensones are tested again at the recall.
To get a complete picture of both the microbiological results and the clinical status of your patient.
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Periopathogens play an important role in causing peri-implantitis. The presence of an periopathogens in the pocket is also an important indicator of the risk of implant placement.
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