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Check if Candida is present in your patient's mouth.

If a patient has impaired immunity, he runs the risk of developing candidiasis in the mouth. Test whether your patient's microflora contains Candida and receive targeted treatment advice.

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Easily map the level of Candida

Using the real-time PCR, an exact quantification of the amount of Candida can be indicated.
No Candida has been detected.
A small amount of Candida is present in the patient.
The Candida is present at an elevated level, if the clinic gives reason, the treatment can be supported with antimycotics.
The Candida strongly increased present, support the treatment with antimycotics.

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Simple test taking:

Prepare your kit

Open the kit, it contains a special cotton swab and a tube.

Take the test

Take the cotton swab and rub it in the mouth where you suspect Candida to be present.

Prepare the box for shipping

Put the cotton swab back in the tube, turn the cap on and put it back in the set. Use the enclosed free return envelope to send it to our laboratory.


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Our products

Perio 20

Our Perio 20 gives a complete insight into a patient's biofilm. Allperiopathogens, opportunists and beneficial bacteria are mapped out.
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Periopathogens play an important role in causing peri-implantitis. The presence of an periopathogens in the pocket is also an important indicator of the risk of implant placement.
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Caries risk

The risk of developing caries is determined by testing all factors that play a role in the development of caries. This provides insight into which measures can be taken.
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