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aMMP8 test

Measure the degree of periodontal damage in your patients' pockets

The active form of the matrix metalloproteinase enzyme (aMMP-8) is involved in periodontitis and peri-implantitis. The degree of periodontal degradation can be determined by analyzing this marker.

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Accurate measurement of an ignition marker

Our test accurately detects ignition levels by measuring the aMMP8 enzyme.
Strong inflammation detected

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Simple test taking:

Open the kit and open the strips

Open the set and remove the strips one by one using sterilized tweezers.

Place the strips in the pockets

Place the strips in the pockets to be measured for 30 seconds. Note that the blue part of the strip must remain visible.

Place the strips in the tube

Place the used strips in the tube and send them back to our laboratory with the enclosed return envelope.


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Perio 20

Our Perio 20 gives a complete insight into a patient's biofilm. Allperiopathogens, opportunists and beneficial bacteria are mapped out.
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Periopathogens play an important role in causing peri-implantitis. The presence of an periopathogens in the pocket is also an important indicator of the risk of implant placement.
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If a patient has a lowered immune system, Candida can cause problems in the mouth. Test for the presence of this fungus to use a targeted treatment.
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