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Regardless of the patient, the complexity of the problem or the number of tests, we help you with a reliable result using our sensitive real-time PCR testing in the field of subgingival microflora.

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Yeah, there's a charge for these tests. But I use them as a standard for every new patient to get the right diagnosis for their specific situation.

Dr. Florian Dettmer, Praxis Vident ganzheitliche Zahnheilkunde

Benefit from our many years of lab expertise:

Microbiological expertise

We have been experts in oral microbiology for many years and have our own laboratory, which enables us to answer your questions quickly.

Wide panels

Our Perio panels are broad and provide a clear overview of the full spectrum of the oral microflora.


Challenge us with your most complex questions, we offer you our consultancy to help your practice with tricky cases.

Our products

Perio 20

Our Perio 20 gives a complete insight into a patient's biofilm. Allperiopathogens, opportunists and beneficial bacteria are mapped out.
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Periopathogens play an important role in causing peri-implantitis. The presence of an periopathogens in the pocket is also an important indicator of the risk of implant placement.
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If a patient has a lowered immune system, Candida can cause problems in the mouth. Test for the presence of this fungus to use a targeted treatment.
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I have seen firsthand the consequences of dental-bacteria-related complications on implants. It is unnecessarily painful, expensive for patients and a threat to the implants. ADD's testing helps me to avoid or at least reduce the likelihood of implant loss and increase the satisfaction of my patients and myself.

Mike Kesseler, implantologist,
Kesseler-Lock dentistry and implantology Amsterdam