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Control of your autoclave

A properly functioning autoclave is essential to your dental practice.

With the autoclave control strips you can check if your autoclave sterilizes the instruments correctly.

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Certify your autoclave.

Each Autoclave test comes with a signed test certificate.

Testing is simple:

Open the autoclave

Place the red strip on top of the instruments and the blue strip between the instruments in the autoclave. Place the blue strip as far between the materials to be sterilized as possible.

Run your sterilization program

Carry out your standard sterilization program with the two strips placed in the autoclave.

Returning the strips

After sterilization, place the strips in the return-envelope and send it to our laboratory. Once our test has been completed and approved, you will receive a certificate.


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Our products

Water Test

Check your treatment unit for the presence of aerobic water bacteria to comply with WIP guidelines.
water testing

Caries risk

The risk of developing caries is determined by testing all factors that play a role in the development of caries. This provides insight into which measures can be taken.
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Perio 20

Our Perio 20 gives a complete insight into a patient's biofilm. Allperiopathogens, opportunists and beneficial bacteria are mapped out.
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