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About Advanced Dental Diagnostics

The role of testing has been a regular topic of discussion. In times when even technology such as vaccination is questioned, we continue to spread the science behind measuring oral microflora and make it available through research and affordable testing for every practice.

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Our mission

The power of the connection between oral microbiology and dentistry

The medical care of the 21st century is proactive, smart & tailored to the patient. Since the invention of antibiotics, mankind has been able to make incredible progress under ever healthier conditions. By driving technology further, we have created antibiotics for a wide range of bacteria.
Yet these discoveries traverse our ideal world. Resistance to common antibiotics is a serious problem in our society and therefore also in dentistry. It is very important to consider whether treatment with antibiotics is necessary and, if so, to use antibiotics in a targeted way in treatments. For this reason, it is very important to know what causes the disease we are dealing with.
As a company, we therefore want to make the knowledge of oral microbiology available to every practice. We want to share our knowledge and make testing available to every dental practice in Europe at an affordable price, driven by science and operational efficiency.

I have seen firsthand the consequences of dental-bacteria-related complications on implants. It is unnecessarily painful, expensive for patients and a threat to the implants. ADD's testing helps me to avoid or at least reduce the likelihood of implant loss and increase the satisfaction of my patients and myself.

Mike Kesseler, implantologist,
Kesseler-Lock dentistry and implantology Amsterdam